Secustion Camera Vulnerability Recurrence

Secustion Camera Vulnerability Recurrence

  1. First, let's go to the target landing page

  1. Enter admin password for the account

Then we use burpsuite to capture packets and intercept echoes

This is the echo package of the target

Next, we make modifications and release the data package

Change the echo package content to this and release

HTTP/1.0 200 OK


var check="1";

var authLevel ="255";

The login success prompt appears

Next, we read the administrator's plaintext password

Click this function node and perform packet capture interception echo

Then we saw the correct plaintext password of the administrator in the echo package

This vulnerability affects known product versions


V2.3.4.1301-M20-TSA-B20150617A, V2.5.5.3116-S50-RXA-B20180502A,

V2.5.5.3116-S50-SMA-B20190723A, V2.5.5.3116-S50-SMB-B20161012A,

V2.3.4.2103-S50-NTD-B20170508B, V2.5.5.3116-S50-SMB-B20160601A,

V2.5.5.2601-S50-TSA-B20151229A, and V2.5.5.3116-S50-SMA-B20170217.

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